I want my logo to be more prominent

by Jess Brown

I try not to rant too much, but I'm going to let a little one loose.

I can't tell you how many times I've heard I think my logo needs to be a little more prominent or I'd like my logo to be more noticible or our logo should be larger.


When have you gone to a doctor's office and felt better after seeing a logo? When have you gone to a restaurant and been better served or had your appetite satisfied after noticing the logo on the menu? Do you donate to one charity over another because they have a cool logo? If you walk into a bank to get information on a loan, do you want to hear about the bank or about the how they can help you with a loan?

While it may stroke your ego, a large logo won't increase your sales. Left too large, it can actually waste valuable selling space. Logos and brand identity are important, but making your logo larger isn't going to magically increase your brand awareness. People come to your site to find information relevant to them. Can you help them solve a problem, make something more enjoyable, save them money? Your visitor wants to know what you can do for them. Your logo is probably not going to be able to tell them this.

If I roll back the covers on my rant, I think my issue is with more than just a logo's size. It's about clear communication, focused intention, and actionable requests. It's about putting people first and really digging deep on what makes you (or your company ) unique and valuable.

Finishing my thoughts on on logo size

I wanted to see if I was alone in my thinking, so I did this web search:

how big should my logo be on my website

The first article is basically taking my stance and offers a few nice stats on logo sizes:

These are small

What do you think? Any ideas or rules of thumb for logo size on a website?

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