Foundation Menu In Refinery

by Jess Brown

The sign of a good open source platform is when you want to do something outside the box, how easy is it to modify. Well Rails and Ruby are particularly good candidates and Refinery doesn't hold them back.

I was recently building a Refinery CMS and was using Zurb Foundation for the front end framework. If you've used Foundation before, you'll know that the top menu requires specific markup and unlike many of the other components, doesn't have mixins that you can use to implement it.

My menu needed to look something like this:

<section class="top-bar-section">
    <!-- Right Nav Section -->
    <ul class="right">
      <li class="active"><a href="#">Right Button Active</a></li>
      <li class="has-dropdown">
        <a href="#">Right Button with Dropdown</a>
        <ul class="dropdown">
          <li><a href="#">First link in dropdown</a></li>

The Refinery menu html looked like this:

<nav class="menu clearfix" id="menu">
    <li class="selected first"><a href="/">Home</a></li>
    <li class="last"><a href="/about">About</a></li>

In the past, Refinery had used view partials to implement the menu, but in an effort to clean the code up and make the menu more efficient, they changed it to a presenter. Now Refinery uses this one call from a view to to implement the menu:

<%=, self).to_html %>

I didn't immediately know the best way to solve this, so I fired off a quick Github comment and one of the primary maintainers immediately wrote me back (testament to their responsiveness). He said, just subclass it and overwrite the methods.

That actually turns out easier than it sounds. Just create a new file in app/models/foundation_menu.rb.

class FoundationMenu < Refinery::Pages::MenuPresenter

Now we can start overwriting the methods we need. The first is the render menu method:

class FoundationMenu < Refinery::Pages::MenuPresenter
  def render_menu(items)
    content_tag(:section, :id => "nav", :class => 'top-bar-section') do

Here's the diff on that method:

Click to enlarge


As you can see, we're just slightly changing the methods. Here we changed the content_tag to be a section instead of a nav, the id to be nav instead of default one and the class to top-bar-section

There's a few more changes that need to be made and one addition to get the dropdown menu working. I'll link to it here so you can use it if you like. Refinery Foundation Menu

Once you have your subclassed menu presenter in place, no you just need to link it up in your view:

# app/views/refinery/_header.html.erb
<div class="row">
  <div class="columns large-12">
    <nav class="top-bar" data-topbar>
      <ul class="title-area">
        <li class="name">
          <%= link_to image_tag( "logo.jpg" ), refinery.root_path, width: 100, height: 75 %>
        <li class="toggle-topbar menu-icon"><a href="#">Menu</a></li>
      <% menu =, self) %>
      <% menu.max_depth = 1 %>
      <%= menu.to_html %>

It'd probably be cleaner to extract this out to a heleper or in ApplicationController

Having a system that is flexible and easy to extend and override is awesome for a programmer. I've built quite a few projects using Refinery CMS and I continue to be happy with that I can accomplish.

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