Read The Code

by Jess Brown

Several monts ago, John Nunemaker bloged "Stop Googling". It was about reading the code in an open source project oppsed to Googleing it. He was a bit funstrated at someone who Googled, polled friends, and basically searched everywhere besides the source to look for an answer for their problem.

Today I found out the hard way how right he was. I was trying to access the object info passed along to a delayed_job record. I googled for 30 or 45 minutes trying to find an answer and couldn't get any bites. I knew the handler field had the info I needed, but it was a string. I also knew that somehow that info had to be extracted when my job was processed. Finally on a whim, I looked to the source code. In the second file I opened, I found a method called payload_object.

def payload_object
  @payload_object ||= deserialize(self['handler'])

I saw object, deserialize, and handler. That's all I needed to know. It was exactly what I wanted. It took less than a minute. I tried it out and that was it.

That's when I remembered John's blog. Note to self: if a quick google search doesn't display the obvious answer...LOOK AT THE CODE!

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