Small Design Suggestion For 37signals Blog

by Jess Brown

I just recently redeisgned my blog and one of the blogs I drew inspiration from was the 37Signals Blog Signal vs. Noise.

So I'm fairly familer with their styles (font, size, color, width, line-height, etc). One thing I noticed today while reading an article was their images seem off alignment:

Off alignment image

I'm not sure if this was intentional or an oversight (or maybe the writer forgot to apply a class), but I figured I'd write it up and tweet it out to see if my sugggestion would be well received.

The issue is on their paragraphs, they have a text-indent set:

.post-content p + p {
  text-indent: 2em;

For most of their images on this page, they're the first and only content in the paragraph tag, so the images are being indented too, which causes the left edge to be indented, but also the right edge to push past the normal paragraph's width.

They could override the paragraph's text-indext for the image like this:

.post-content p img {
  margin-left: -2em;

This will negate the 2em paragraph indent and slide the image over even with the left and right sides of the paragrahp text:

Images Fixed

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