Writing Challenge

by Jess Brown

Yesterday I was out on a bike ride with my friend Matt Smith and he told me he'd been challenged to write a blog post every business day for the next 30 days. He didn't call me out like the Ice bucket challenge, but he asked if I wanted to do it too. So I accepted.

At the beginning of this year I decided I really wanted to write more. I'd read about numerous people like Nathan Berry writing 1000 words daily or John Saddingon's obsession with blogging and decided I wanted it to be a part of what I do. So I thought I'd take some time and figure out why should I write?

Why Write?

1. To get better at it

I've never been great at writing. I've always been better at Math than Reading/Writing (my math score nearly doubled my English sore on my SAT's). I realise I don't have a natural ability to write, but I believe it is something you can vastly improve on if you practice at it. Writing and communication is critical in any career, but I believe as much or more so than anywhere it's critical in software development.

2. To Learn

Whenever I write something I'm able to turn a lot of incomplete ideas and thoughts into something meaningful and organized. If it's a technical post where I'm explaining something I've built or designed, then I learn even more than what I did when I first built it.

3. To Teach

It's also an opportunity to teach. I met Dr. Maya Angelou once and had dinner with her in her apartment. One of my favorite quotes from her is When you get, give. When you learn teach. I've learned so much from others sharing what they know. I've literally gained a 2nd education from the internet. I'm hoping to just pass a little on!

4. To inspire creativity

To write is a creative process and I believe it just breeds more creativity. I'm the most creative when I'm writing often. I'm more creative as a developer, designer, marketer...just all around.

5. To be more open

I hope that by being open, honest, communicative, and sharing more about my life that I'll meet more people, build better relationships, and enable clients to be more comfortable because they already know a little about who I am and how I think, how I operate, and what to expect.

6. Opportunity

Hopefully my writing will bring an audience and an audience will bring opportunities. Whether through client work or partnership opportunities or my next business partner, writing can bring opportunity in the door.


This isn't meant to be an exhaustive list, but the top reasons on my mind right now.

What are some others?

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